At iWeen, we always seek the best environment for our employees where they can develop and expand their technical and creative expertise with a vast number of opportunities and wide exposure. We always look out for the best of technical, passionate and creative minds and welcome high energy, innovative and team oriented individuals with a high work ethic who wish to make a difference in the Technology World.

Why iWeen?

We believe that great organizations are built by exceptional people and every person we hire will be exceptional and responsible for a leadership position.

  • Work Processes here help our people enhance their potential. Flexibility is the most important part of our culture.

  • The Work Environment here is stimulating, creative and open and based on teamwork, mutual trust and we believe in equality for all.

  • With exposure to a huge variety of globally challenging tasks we provide our employees a great learning opportunities.

  • We ensure career development opportunities help our people trace their own career paths.

  • We provide well defined processes to encourage our team to take responsibilities from early stages of their careers.

  • “Rewards and Recognitions” that we offer keeps our team motivated.

  • With the best training techniques adapted we facilitate growth of the individuals at different levels.

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